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DISTRUST people who set themselves up as a partner and/or as an agency which has to do with LA PYRAMID MODEL agency!

DISTRUST people who on behalf of LA PYRAMID MODEL agency ask you for advance money to make photos, composite, book… Nobody is entitled to ask for anything to let you be part of the Agency itself. If you have the necessary requirements to work as a model, only we ourselves will invest on you preparing the necessary material to exercise this profession. Without any pecuniary commitment from you.

DISTRUST people who, in return for money, ensure you to go into this profession. The model’s craft is not for everyone. Here are the necessary measurements if you are a woman, and you are not more than 21 years old: you must not be less than 1 metre and 74 centimetres tall, your maximum waist measurement must be 60 centimetres and your maximum hip measurement must be 90 centimetres; if you are a man, you must be at least 1 metre and 84 centimetres tall and your size must be maximum 50. If you have these requirements, send us some pictures, also polaroid, that portray your face and your full-length body.

BELIEVE in our professional judgment. If you have all the necessary requirements, we will contact you and we will give you the possibility to learn the model’s craft. In return, we will ask you for seriousness and application.

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